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I particularly enjoy working with small business owners and feel strongly that professional graphic design can help your business stand out and compete in what is a very competitive world. Call or email and I would love to discuss how Green Otter can make the difference for your business.




The most important part of being a good designer is the ability to listen to your clients. Really listen. Listen to what they want. And then listen between the lines to see what they really want. This is where Green Otter Graphics stands out. I listen to my clients and excel at creating designs that take their needs and vision and make them a visually appealing, and effective reality.

With over fifteen years experience in marketing and graphic design, Green Otter Graphics can provide not only the technical and artistic abilities of a graphic designer, but also the marketing know–how to understand that there’s more to a successful project than just making it look good.

Every day I see examples of small businesses failing at their marketing, and I hope to help more of them do better. I feel very strongly that just because you're a small business doesn't mean you have to look like one. In fact, for many businesses unprofessional marketing materials plays a large part in making sure they always stay small, or worse, don't succeed at all.

I am Rebecca Osterman, graphic designer, company owner, wife and mother of three awesome rambunctious little boys. I love working with businesses to develop their marketing and grow their companies. My personal graphic style is clean and contemporary. That said, I always design my clients' projects to match their style and needs. Check out my portfolio to see the variety of work and how I can help you!

Whether you have a specific project that simply requires that creative touch, or you need a complete logo and identity makeover, contact me for a free, no obligation quote.